Sunday, October 12, 2008

Cool Halloween Stuff No. 7

Creative Innovations USA
It ain't a party unless someone gets carried out in a body bag...

Sometimes, you just need the right finishing touch for your party decorations. Now, you can go all CSI on your friends with these "body bags" from Creative Innovations USA.

Great for Halloween, Practical Jokes, Pranks, April Fools and Murder Mystery Parties. Our Body Bags measure 6 1/2 feet long x 2 1/2 feet wide, made with heavy tear resistant nylon and a full length double zipper to allow access from either end. These can be stuffed with newspaper to appear occupied. A fake hand or foot sticking out always adds a good touch.

Perfect to use with our Hollywood Effects Crime Scene Kit and Toe Tags!
So, if you're looking for that special touch for your Halloween party, and your friends always seem to end up "in the bag", give 'em one to get started!

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