Saturday, May 14, 2011

Saturday, May 07, 2011

The Punishment Does Not Fit The Crime... WTF

Floridians are going to have to start pulling up their pants and stop having sex with animals soon.

It's up to Gov. Rick Scott to sign off on two bills passed in the Florida Senate and House Wednesday which target droopy drawers and bestiality.

The bestiality bill (SB 344) bans sexual activity between humans and animals and has been championed for years by Sen. Nan Rich, from Sunrise.

Rich took up the anti-bestiality fight after a number of cases involving sexual activity with animals in recent years, including a Panhandle man who was suspected of accidentally asphyxiating a family goat during a sex act and the abuse of a horse in the Keys. The bill would make such acts a first-degree misdemeanor.

Also passed by the House and Senate Wednesday is the so-called "droopy drawers bill" (SB 228), will will force students to hike up their pants while at school.

Students caught showing their underwear or butt crack could face suspensions and other punishments.

So let's get this straight - they want you to stop getting carnal with your farm animals, so the punishment is the equivalent of a traffic ticket?!?!

Didn't realize this was so rampant in Florida. I've got an idea - make it legal to fornicate with a croc. You know someone will try it - and I'll have more material...

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Pure. Guts.

This video is the embodiment of "bad ass". The kid looks like a typical teenage geek. That is, until he starts scaling sheer rock walls with no safety gear, scaling cliffs and spires with nothing between him and the ground but a few hundred feet of air.

How Many Of These Can You Name

This is a great compilation video from dozens of movies that featured dancing, all cut together to the title song from "Footloose". As I watched, I got a kick out of trying to name all of the movies included. Proud to say, I got most of them. How many can you name?

The incredible floating fire ant - The Washington Post

So bound, an ant raft can survive for months.

Engineers studying animal oddities now report that together, the ants aren’t just stronger. They’re floatier. Airtight, even.

“Water does not penetrate the raft,” said Nathan Mlot, a mechanical engineer at the Georgia Institute of Technology and lead author of the ant-raft report published in Monday’s Proceedings of the National Academies. Even the bottom layer of ants stays dry, he said.

Engineers, Mlot went on to explain, think the rafting behavior might aid the quest for new waterproof materials and offer lessons for robotics research.


Check the link above for the full story. The gist of it is that fire ants (nasty little buggers) have learned to survive harsh conditions by working together. In this case, they actually create a floating raft by holding onto each other. In this way, they can ride out storms and floods that would clear out other animals.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Awesome. Peaceful. Beautiful

This makes me want to jump out of a plane. Really.

Let's All Go To The Snack Stand

This is what happens when you let your snacks hang out in the Bronx...

Pac-Man On The Grand Scale

Some of the user-created levels mimic the style of Pac-Man's original mazes. But many others add a new dash of creativity.

A glance at the game's main page shows mazes whose walls form images of robots, mushrooms, a yin-yang symbol and what appear to be several self-portraits.

Other mazes celebrate video-game classics like Sonic the Hedgehog, Mario Brothers and Space Invaders.

Of course, this being the internet, not all images are as creative, or in good taste.

The company says its constantly scanning new mazes for inappropriate images, including an anatomical favorite of juvenile minds everywhere.

"We're happy that the 'penis to non-penis levels' ratio is well below 1:100 (the standard for user generated campaigns) ...," the company wrote on its blog. "We've been watching the moderation closely, so every penis has a short life."

Really? Penis-shaped Pac-Man mazes?

I guess the part that really surprised me is that there is a penis to non-penis standard...

Friday, April 15, 2011

20 Beautiful San Francisco Pictures from a Photographers Eye


This is a great collection of images of San Francisco. It's one of my favorite cities, and seeing these pictures makes me want to make a trip back.

Yes, but is it filled with Jawas?


This is a conceptual image of the new Lucasfilm Animation building in Singapore. Look familiar? It's designed to look like a sandcrawler from the Star Wars series.

Now, if they start selling droids in the lobby...

Jim Henson - The Early Years

Here's an early version of muppets created by Jim Henson to sell coffee in the Washington DC market. Don't be surprised if you recognize a voice or two...

But there is a bit of creepiness in some of it. Enjoy!