Sunday, October 12, 2008

Cool Halloween Stuff No. 5


So, what does paint have to do with Halloween? Nothing, unless it's very cool paint!

ClearNeon makes a line of paints that are invisible under normal light, but very bright under UV light. So how does this play into Halloween?

You can create scary artwork that can't be seen during the day. Paint it on signs, trees, whatever. Then, as night starts to fall, turn on a blacklight, and as the sun goes down, your artwork appears. Or, if you use an incandescent blacklight bulb, you can use a dimmer to make the art appear and disappear at your command.

There are dozens of ways you can make use of this stuff. But it ain't your garden variety paint. Spray cans runs $24, as do 4 oz. bottles of the brush-on paint. If you like airbrushing, you can thin the brush-on paint with water.

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