Wednesday, February 27, 2008

What We Often Forget

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I read a great post today over on on some of the things we forget while we rush through our busy lives. The post covers such things as:

  • Take Joy Where You Find It
  • Free Yourself By Forgiving Your Rivals
  • Do Not Take Yourself Seriously
  • Enjoy Friendship and Companionship
  • Give to Others

The point made by the post is that by observing some easy-to-follow, yet easily forgotten steps, we can liberate ourselves from the stresses we feel each day, and in turn, lead a more joyful life.

Why do we forget such simple lessons as "take joy where you find it". Children know this lesson instinctively. They can find the pleasure of splashing in a puddle, playing with mud pies, or just a big hug, and each creates just as much joy as the next.

But as we grow older, as we become grownups, we gradually lose the sense of wonder that a child thrives on. We become cynical, and "reality" intrudes. It doesn't have to, of course. We just get wrapped up in the trappings of life - the bling, the bills, the relationships - and we start to forget what is important: the joy.

Take some time, maybe even now, to think about the last time you felt joy. Was it today? Yesterday? Last week? Can you recall it at all?

Without joy, life is just a stumble from one event to another. Don't waste another minute. Find what it is that brings you joy, and strive for it, revel in it. Then share it with those around you. It will multiply, and you won't forget it.


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