Sunday, February 24, 2008

Don't Take No For An Answer - Even From Yourself

Statue of Henry Wadsworth Longfellow - Courtesy dbking

Claire over at Bebo Author asked the question "What Is A Writer Anyway?"

While she addresses this on the level of a writer, the more general question is "What's holding you back?"

As she notes in her blog entry, many folks hold themselves back. Whether fear of rejection, procrastination, or just a lack of confidence, many folks give up their dreams, leaving the lingering thought in the back of their minds - what if?

In the end, there really is only one obstacle to reaching your dreams. And that obstacle is you. As Claire points out, the only way to be a better writer is to write. You can apply that to pretty much anything. Want to be a better singer? Sing. Want to be a better bricklayer? Lay brick. Do the work.

Now some may say "I want to be successful NY Times bestselling author!", to which I respond with a simple question - Why?

When I hear folks say something like that, I don't hear that they want to be a great author, to excel in writing. I hear that they want the fame and/or the cash that goes with being on the bestseller list. But if that's what they want, there are much easier, much more lucrative ways to do it. If the money is the goal, go do what you do best and find a way to make it pay. If what you really want to do is write, then do it for the love of the process, the art. The money will resolve itself.

More often than not, it's those nagging doubts inside that get the better of us. Those little voices that say "I can't" are the real obstacles. My advice to you is - don't take "no" for an answer, especially yourself. Figure out what you really want, set some goals, and put your best foot forward. Break it into small steps, and achieve each one. What once seemed impossible will suddenly develop into a possibility, then a probability, and finally reality. You just need to forge ahead, with those goals in your sights.

Stop telling yourself you can't, start telling yourself you will.



clairec23 said...

Thanks for the mention. It IS true for any dream that you might have, it takes hard work, mistakes and even rejection but what's the point living a life of what ifs when you can try and see what happens.

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