Wednesday, March 19, 2008

How Good Is Your Hearing?

norge_horelse I came across this test online that I think everyone should take.

Being able to listen, to hear, is one of our most important resources. This test on a Norwegian site tests to see how well you can hear.

I've found that my hearing occasionally misses some things, either confusing them or not hearing them at all. When we don't hear, we can really miss the important things in our life that make a difference.

The test takes approximately three minutes. For best results, use headphones, but you can use computer speakers. I used the speakers in my laptop and was able to take the test completely. Be sure to give enough time to complete the test so that the results can be fully measured.

When you are done with the test, come back to this page and re-read it. The results from the test may cause you to rethink some of the things in this post. If you find the results cause you to take action, please pass this on to friends and family so they can take the test as well. Most importantly, don't tell them how the test is conducted, as this will affect the results.

How well do you hear?

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