Thursday, February 14, 2008

The Random List - Five Sites To Visit For Valentine's Day

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Early Valentine's Day

Yes, one of Hallmark's favorite holidays is here - Valentine's Day.

It's that time of year when a guy can either be a hero or a bum, depending on whether he thought ahead. I'm hoping for hero this year.

I decided to put together some sites for those of you who may need a little help getting through (or past) February 14th. This can be a tricky event to navigate, and hopefully this short list will get you through any tough spots.

Just peruse the offering below, and if you find any you like, be sure to let us know. And if you have a favorite, add it to the comments so we can all share in the resources. You never know when you might need help on this reddest of red holidays.

Oh, and as a side note, Valentine's Day is not the most popular for cards as far as Hallmark is concerned. Nope, not Mother's Day either. Try Christmas.

  1. - Some of you may not think this is very original, nor did I claim it to be. But these folks have never let me down. I have ordered from them for years, and the flowers are always delivered on time, and exquisitely fresh. They also tend to last. I have seen them hang tough for as long as two weeks, attesting to the quality of the packaging, shipping and the flowers themselves. If you thought ahead, you may have already used them. If not, get your order in to get out of the doghouse.
  2. How To Break Up With Your Boyfriend - For the more cynical gals, a primer on dumping the guy you're no longer interested in. Of course, if you read it, the more cynical it sounds. But hey, if you need tips, here ya go. But never fear guys, we found one for you too... How To Break Up With Your Girlfriend.
  3. The History of Valentine's Day from The History Channel - As you might expect from the fine folks at The History Channel, they've put together an entire mini-site dedicated to Cupid's day of frolic. Valentine's Day has a particularly religious origin, with as many as three Catholic saints as the possible namesakes. In fact, Valentine's Day was set as February 14th back in 498 A.D. by Pope Gelasius - so blame it on him.
  4. Custom Made M&M Candies - This is fun for just about any occasion. You can have M&Ms printed and gift boxed with your choice of messages and colors. The website even lets you preview them before you order. Yeah, it's too late now, but hey, there's gotta be an anniversary or something coming up, right?
  5. Valentine's Day on Flickr - A slideshow of images from Flickr tagged with Valentine's Day. One note - before you click the link, be sure you have your Flickr setting set to "Safe". Some of the images can be a bit racy.

If you got a favorite site, let us know by adding a comment! And be sure to give us a vote on Stumble if you liked what you saw!

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