Sunday, December 04, 2005

More Christmas Light Mania

My last post seems to have generated a little interest, so I thought I might search around and find some other holiday display links to feed the demand.

First on the list? What happens when someone runs amok at Target with a charge card and a new holiday light sale? You'll find out on this site. This particular image looks like a display that Clark Griswold would have drooled over.

Wondering how that amazing synchronized display was done? The creator, Carson Williams of Mason, OH, detailed the whole thing here. He has since rebuilt the equipment (it's all home built, designed by he and his brother). The music is broadcast over FM by a small transmitter connected to a PC, so neighbors don't hear it.

Want to see more of his handiwork? Here's another (Windows Media Player)

Want to create your own version? Check out the folks at Animated Lighting. They sell kits that let you do the same kind of thing on a smaller scale. Not cheap, but hey, what is? Or buy the actual equipment he used from Light-O-Rama.

Got a favorite link of your own? Drop it into the comments by clicking below. I'll keep an eye out for more.

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