Monday, November 04, 2002

Got the first real offer today. It's not a killer offer, but it's decent. Trouble is, it'll likely require a move. Again.

Life has an interesting way of making sure you learn a lesson. Today's lesson "Never - No such thing!"

When we moved to Boston, we were so happy with New England, with our friends there, with the job, etc., that when people asked us if we'd ever move back, we said - "Never".

So when I got that phenomenal job offer, the one with the six figure salary, guess where it was...Back in California. So much for never. But did I learn? Nope.

When we decided we were going to be in California for an indefinite period, we decided to settle down and buy a house. We looked for the house we could call our own for a long time. Why? We would "Never" be moving. So we put in a pool, and landscaping, and started building custom furniture in the nursery. After all, we were "Never" going to move.


Life beats me over the head with the proverbial 2x4 and lets me know that "Never" doesn't exist. I lose the big-salary job, and have to start looking. The best offer so far will require a move. (Saw it coming, didn't ya?)

So, will I learn the lesson this time? Hmm.. not sure. Probably not. I'm still a relatively incurable optimist about general life issues, and I still want to fell like something will have some security and stability.

Did I just hear a *THUD*?

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