Thursday, October 17, 2002

So I was blathering on about trust. Must have been a premonition. Not 14 hours later, I get a call in my office from my boss. He wants me to head downstairs to the board room for a meeting.

There wasn't one on the schedule.

As I exit my office, two of my colleagues are coming out of theirs. They've been called too. By the folks attending, this must be a meeting with the Engineering staff.

My boss and the CEO walk-in, and close the door behind them. This does not bode well.

"We didn't hit our targets for the last two months, and we have to let the three of you go."

At first, I thought it was a bad joke. Then I realized they were lining us up firing-squad style and picking us off all at once. No one-on-one, "sorry this happened". Just cut the cords and let 'em go, three at a time.

Then they walked us into the HR office, again, all together. From there, upstairs to our offices, to clean them out immediately. We had the HR supervisor and the IS manager stand over us like wardens, looking embarrassed all the while.

But anazingly, I didn't get mad. I was more concerned that I would now have to go home, 3 hours earlier than I usually do, on a Thursday, and explain to my 7-month-pregnant wife that the income for the roof over our heads just disappeared.

I trusted these people. I moved from Boston because they assured me of the solvency of the company, the upward momentum, the possibilities. Yup, duped again.

But I can't regret it. The job got me the house I'm now trying to save. And from what I hear, they may not be able to make payroll next pay period. Becasue of vaction time owed to me, I'm already paid through mid-November. Better than walking ujp to the office door and finding it locked.

But they violated my trust. They made poor decisions, and I'm paying for it. Get the impression trust is an issue for me?

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